Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Security Update: php

Finally PHP has been patched/upgraded to the latest version on all supported Slackware releases until Slackware 12.1. Some still uses PHP 5.3, while on newer Slackware release, they are upgraded to 5.4 branch.

On Slackware-Current, Patrick upgraded the default kernel stock to 3.9.10, probably the last Linux Kernel 3.9.x release since Greg has mentioned that he probably won't be able to push another release for 3.9.x.

Several packages has been upgraded per request in LQ:
- ddrescue upgraded to 1.17
- cyrus-sasl patched for glibc crypt()
- mc upgraded to 4.8.9

the config file for Linux Kernel 3.10 has been updated to 3.10.1