Patches for glibc crypt()

Mancha has submitted a lot of fixes for glibc's new crypt() function in many packages and Patrick has finally agreed to include his work on Slackware. Several packages are now patches, including cvs, kde-workspace, and xdm.

Meanwhile, several other packages were upgraded in the last two days: ModemManager, NetworkManager, network-manager-applet, Seamonkey, whois, and llvm.

There are several packages that i would like to be included in Slackware 14.1, namely:
- cups-1.6.2
- gnupg-2.0.20
- man-pages-3.52
- kmod 14
- bind-9.9.3-P1
- mesa-9.1.4
- xz-5.0.5
- php-5.4.17

I hope they have enough time to be tested and included in Slackware-Current soon :)

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