KDE 4.11 RC1 for Slackware-Current

KDE has released their first RC1 release for the upcoming KDE 4.11 and as promised, Eric Hameleers has build this release and provide it to users who wanted to help KDE finding bugs and polishing this release so that it become a good shape release. Unlike last major release where he only provided binaries for 64 bit machines, this time, he went ahead with both archs (32 and 64).

Please note that this build is not designed for Slackware 14.0, so users who wanted to test this release should upgrade to Slackware-Current first before installing/upgrading to this version.

As usual, a README file always accompanied on each release and be sure to read it as it contains instructions on how to install/upgrade to this release as well as instructions to remove packages which has been split into smaller sub packages. In total, there are 4 packages that are no longer exist in KDE 4.11 and they are kdeadmin, kdetoys, kdesdk and kdenetwork.

Kudos to Eric Hameleers and for KDE users, start downloading and happy testing :)

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