Security Update: curl

A new security update has been issued on Slackware-Security mailing list and this applies to curl packages which is backported back to Slackware-12.1. This fixes a minor security issue where a decode buffer boundary flaw in libcurl could lead to heap corruption.

On -Current, several new changes has been made to fix some problem with earlier big batch of update and also introduce newer version of the GIMP applications.

xf86-video-intel is being reverted to previous version which is said to be a working version. I'm not really sure what happened with the latest version.

Update: It seems that newer xf86-video-intel is having some problems with Mozilla's products (Seamonkey, Firefox, and Thunderbird) as reported in several places. One of them is ArchLinux's bug report. It was confirmed that this bug was only affecting machines who have Sandy Bridge.

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