Newer gtkmm Breaks VMWare and MySQL-Workbench

On my previous posts (here and here) i mentioned that VMWare was broken due to GCC and Linux Kernel upgrade, but it seems that i was wrong. VMWare Works with Linux Kernel 3.8.x / 3.9.x and also GCC 4.7.x / GCC 4.8.x branch.

I made an update to gtkmm to 2.24.3 and it caused VMWare to be broken when recompiling VMWare modules due to kernel upgrade. It's mentioned on ArchLinux's Bug Tracker, gtkmm's Bug Tracker, and another gtkmm Bug Tracker (the previous one is marked as duplicate to this one).

gtkmm on my SlackHacks has been reverted to gtkmm-2.24.2 since it was causing some breakage to MySQL-Workbench and i noticed later it was the culprit to my VMWare issues as well. Now VMWare works again on all of my machines.

If you found similar problem with MySQL Workbench or VMWare Workstation, try to have a look if you have upgraded to gtkmm to 2.24.3 or not. If you do, try to downgrade to 2.24.2 and see if it works for you.

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