7 Years of SlackBuilds Project

Four days ago, +Robby Workman pushed an update to SlackBuilds Project with an interesting commit message:
It's been seven years since we decided to give this idea a shot, so thanks for all of your support over that time. Here's hoping for at least seven more productive years...
In the past seven years, SlackBuilds Project has been maturing over time and it has become one of the trusted repository for Slackware users to install packages that are not included in the official Slackware repository. Many people refer to this project since some of the core team of Slackware are also take part on this project, namely: +Eric Hameleers and +Robby Workman.

It's been seven years and there has been some member changes over the year and here's the current (and legacy) person behind SBo project:
+Robby Workman (rworkman)
+Erik Hanson (erik)
+Michiel van Wessem (BP{k})
+David Somero (XGizzmo)
+Heinz Wiesinger (pprkut)
+Niels Horn (niels_horn)
+Matteo Bernardini (ponce)
Mail/DNS Admin:
+Eric Hameleers (alienBOB)
Alan Hicks
+Chess Griffin (chess)
Piter PUNK
Ezra Free
Thank you for your hardwork on this project and hopefully it's not only seven more productive years, but more productive years from now :)

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