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Security Update: Firefox and Thunderbird

Two out of three Mozilla products has been upgraded to the latest version, Firefox 22 and Thunderbird 17.0.7 and it's released a security fixes and backported to several earlier Slackware version.

Slackware-Current receive an additional update and that's ca-certificates which should contain the latest update to the trusted digital certificates.

Security Update: ruby

Ruby package has been updated to fix the SSL vulnerabilities that happened in all Ruby version (1.8, 1.9, and 2.0) and it's backported back to Slackware 13.1.

Other things are ed is upgraded to the latest version (1.9), procps is rebuilt to include the header files, pm-utils is also rebuilt to fix the bluetooth problem.

Security Update: curl

A new security update has been issued on Slackware-Security mailing list and this applies to curl packages which is backported back to Slackware-12.1. This fixes a minor security issue where a decode buffer boundary flaw in libcurl could lead to heap corruption.

On -Current, several new changes has been made to fix some problem with earlier big batch of update and also introduce newer version of the GIMP applications.

xf86-video-intel is being reverted to previous version which is said to be a working version. I'm not really sure what happened with the latest version.

Update: It seems that newer xf86-video-intel is having some problems with Mozilla's products (Seamonkey, Firefox, and Thunderbird) as reported in several places. One of them is ArchLinux's bug report. It was confirmed that this bug was only affecting machines who have Sandy Bridge.

New Kernels, Lots of Upgraded Packages

After a silent period for almost two weeks, finally Slackware-Current is now rolling again with another kernel bump and many other changes.

The default kernel stock is now upgraded to the latest stable release, Linux Kernel 3.9.7. Several other applications which has just released also got included as well, such as e2fsprogs, alsa-utils, kscreen and libkscreen, pcre, OpenSSH, mesa, and lots of xorg related packages.

I'm hoping more packages will get included soon, such as GIMP 2.8.6, Curl 7.31.0, freetype, and probably php 5.5.0 (this has low chance and i guess it's kinda late for this release).

Getting Rid of HAL Related Files

Two packages has been changed in the latest batch of update to remove the HAL-related files which no longer shipped with Slackware-Current. The first package is ntfs-3g which is upgraded to 2013.1.13 and sane which is rebuilt to fix the build script to apply add|change rules correctly.

Sadly, VMWare Workstation still uses HAL in order to work, so i keep hal and hal-info packages in my machines so that i can still continue to work with them.

Newer gtkmm Breaks VMWare and MySQL-Workbench

On my previous posts (here and here) i mentioned that VMWare was broken due to GCC and Linux Kernel upgrade, but it seems that i was wrong. VMWare Works with Linux Kernel 3.8.x / 3.9.x and also GCC 4.7.x / GCC 4.8.x branch.

I made an update to gtkmm to 2.24.3 and it caused VMWare to be broken when recompiling VMWare modules due to kernel upgrade. It's mentioned on ArchLinux's Bug Tracker, gtkmm's Bug Tracker, and another gtkmm Bug Tracker (the previous one is marked as duplicate to this one).

gtkmm on my SlackHacks has been reverted to gtkmm-2.24.2 since it was causing some breakage to MySQL-Workbench and i noticed later it was the culprit to my VMWare issues as well. Now VMWare works again on all of my machines.

If you found similar problem with MySQL Workbench or VMWare Workstation, try to have a look if you have upgraded to gtkmm to 2.24.3 or not. If you do, try to downgrade to 2.24.2 and see if it works for you.

Linux Kernel 3.9.x and GCC 4.8.1 Goes to Slackware-Current

Patrick has decided to leave Linux Kernel 3.8.x branch and include Linux Kernel 3.9.x branch for the next Slackware release. Both of them are not LTS, but being LTS doesn't mean that it's really that stable as expected (take an example from the previous experience of upgrading the kernel in Slackware 14.0 from 3.2.29 to 3.2.45 branch which caused some regressions for Intel Graphics).

GCC is now being upgraded to the latest version, 4.8.1 and this brings quite a lot of improvements when compiling applications, including it's now C++ 11 feature complete as of 4.8.1 release.

Several other applications and libraries were upgraded and rebuilt due to changes happening on -Current:
glibc is rebuilt against new gccgzip is upgraded to 1.6gphoto is upgraded to 2.5.2hplip is rebuilt against libgphoto2-2.5.2ksh93 is upgraded to 2012_08_01kamera is rebuilt against libgphoto2-2.5.2kde-runtime is rebuilt to include new cmake parametergvfs is rebuilt against libgphoto2-2.5.2libxml2 is upgr…

7 Years of SlackBuilds Project

Four days ago, +Robby Workman pushed an update to SlackBuilds Project with an interesting commit message:
It's been seven years since we decided to give this idea a shot, so thanks for all of your support over that time. Here's hoping for at least seven more productive years... In the past seven years, SlackBuilds Project has been maturing over time and it has become one of the trusted repository for Slackware users to install packages that are not included in the official Slackware repository. Many people refer to this project since some of the core team of Slackware are also take part on this project, namely: +Eric Hameleers and +Robby Workman.

It's been seven years and there has been some member changes over the year and here's the current (and legacy) person behind SBo project:
Founders:+Robby Workman (rworkman)+Erik Hanson (erik)Active:+Michiel van Wessem (BP{k})+David Somero (XGizzmo)+Heinz Wiesinger (pprkut)+Niels Horn (niels_horn)+Matteo Bernardini (ponce)Mail/D…

New Poll on June

I have published a new poll on this blog and this time, i would like to see how many packages have you built that comes from SlackBuilds project? I have placed options up to 100 packages and let's see how it goes.

You can check it using this command on terminal/konsole :
ls /var/log/packages/ | grep SBo | wc -l

Poll Results

It's June already and i missed the deadline about the poll results and here goes the results of the following questions : "What Do You Think About MATE Desktop on Slackware?"
I'm interested to try it 48 (38%)
I'll stick with KDE/XFCE 47 (37%)
I have another desktop environment 13 (10%)
I prefer to stay away from GNOME-based desktop environment 18 (14%)

It's a close win versus the desktop environment provided in Slackware (38% vs 37%). It's a good thing that people like MATE Desktop on their Slackware machine. We will maintain MATE Desktop for Slackware 14.0 until Slackware 14.1 gets released and by then we will move on to support the latest Stable release.

Big Update on Current: KDE 4.10.4 and Perl 5.18

Pat has indeed released a big update today by merging KDE 4.10.4 and Perl 5.18 on Slackware-Current branch. KDE 4.10.4 was already expected, but moving on to Perl 5.18.0 is something big since three months ago, Pat decided to take Perl 5.16.0 and now, Perl 5.18.0 gets included as well. This of course, requires some rebuilt on packages that relies on Perl, such as:
linuxdoc-toolslibproxypilot-linksirssinet-snmpobexftpsambapidginxchat Other packages that gets a bump is git (1.8.3), subversion (1.7.10), swig (2.0.10), icu4c (5.1.2), libical (1.0), and imagemagick (6.8.5_9). Orage is also rebuilt against new libical.

I wonder if Pat wanted to include Python 3.3 branch on testing/ someday? It's not backward compatible as in Perl, but it's something unevitable. Someday, all applications should be moving on to Python 3.3 and i think it's better to have it ready on testing/ early on rather than late. For now, people who wanted to test Python 3.3 would have to go to SlackBuild Proje…

Bug Fixes Updates

Pat is releasing minor changes in several packages to fix several problems reported by users in LQ or directly to him. Most of them fix performance issues.

hplip is rebuilt to make the hp-config_usb_printer process runs in the background to avoid long delays until it's started completely. vim and vim-gvim are downgraded to patch 1087 to give more time for upstream to fix the regression after the regexp engine was rewritten. libffi is rebuilt to relocate ffi include files back to /usr/include, and patched the pkgconfig file to point there as well.

KDE 4.10.4 for Slackware 14.0 Users

Eric Hameleers has pushed his KDE 4.10.4 packages to Slackware 14.0 users on his KTown repository and as well as other mirror sites that mirrors his packages. This packages are intended for Slackware 14.0 users as -Current users will get the packages from Patrick himself as part of the future batch of update (hopefully soon).

KDE 4.10.4 brings bug fixes and translations updates only, so it's safe to upgrade to this version. This version focused on fixing Dolphin and PIM modules. Details can be seen on KDE's Bug Tracker.

Third Kernel Rebuilt in Stable Release

For those living in the stable release (Slackware 14.0), there has been a new rebuilt kernel package to revert more upstream commit that breaks Intel GPUs. The kernel version stays on 3.2.45, not being upgraded to 3.2.46 since that would require more testing and it's not that suitable for Stable releases.

Feel free to upgrade to 3.2.46 if you feel that that release fixed the problem you experienced

ViM Update and SlackBuilds Updates

ViM and ViM-GViM are now upgraded to the latest patch set 7.3.1109. The developer is now starting to work on 7.4 since the number of patches that goes through 7.3 branch has over than 1000. The new planned minor release will have :
improve Python supportinclude a faster regexp engineinclude pending patches and fix bugs open-cobol is rebuilt to fix the typo in the slack-desc.

Meanwhile, Robby Workwan is now working full speed to approve many pending packages in SlackBuilds project. There hasn't been any update for the last two weeks, but in the last two days, Robby has approved more than 30 packages on his git branch. Check the latest update of SlackBuilds on their cgit interface.