Security Updates: kernel

It's been a long time since Slackware released a security update for kernel packages, but since this update is critical (CVE-2013-2094, a bug that can allow local users to gain a root shell), Pat decided to take actions against it. He has released a new kernel packages available for both Slackware 13.37 and 14.0. Please note that Slackware-Current users are not vulnerable as this patches has been included in Linux Kernel 3.8.11 and we are using Linux Kernel 3.8.13.

Interesting updates comes in -Current as this batch upgraded a lot of things. Here are the highlights:
  • Upgraded GTK+ and all related libraries to the latest version
  • Upgraded GNOME related libraries to 3.8.x
  • aaa_elflibs is upgraded to 14.1 (confirms our next release is 14.1)
  • hplip is upgraded to 3.13.5
  • Removed kajong as it requires some new dependencies
  • Upgraded pcre to 8.32 (this requires a lot of rebuilt of packages)
  • Slacktrack is upgraded to 2.14
  • Upgraded XFCE related applications to 4.10.1
  • Upgraded more X related packages and libraries
  • Added several new packages
    • itstool (for gucharmap)
    • open-cobol
    • gnome-themes-standard (for GTK+3)
    • harfbuzz (for pango)
  • Handle IPv6 forwarding in network-scripts
A lot of people will be happy with these updates as Slackware current already includes most of the updated version available, thus compiling third party packages will be much easier.

As for MATE users, as there has been a change in dconf package, it's better to recompile all packages that are mentioned on CURRENT.TXT on our github repository. Thanks to Patrick for including this on Slackware-Current to ease our work in MATE SlackBuild project.

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