Changes in Slackpkg Default Option

There were two batch of updates that i didn't talk about on this blog because they were too small, but i will highlight them now.

Pat is changing the default option in slackpkg to enable DOWNLOAD_ALL parameter so that slackpkg will download all of the packages before upgrading them. This should fix problems where some applications are upgraded, while their new requirements hasn't been installed. This has happened before with wget package which requires new requirements. In the normal operations, slackpkg will download the packages one by one and install/upgrade them sequentially.

Update to fontconfig should fixed some problem reported on LQ and so does rebuilding xfce4-session with a new parameter to disable systemd since Slackware doesn't use them. Slacktrack is also upgraded to the latest update.

There were also some update on more packages in the previous batch of update consisting of gawk, gdb, gmp, and nettle.

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