Amarok 2.7.1 Released

Amarok is now upgraded to 2.7.1 after the developer has found an unpleasant bug between QtWebkit ↔ GStreamer interaction that made continuous playing almost impossible, due to frequent crashing. There were only 8 commits from the previous 2.7.0 and here are the highlights of this bugfix version:
  • A modification in handling MusicBrainz ID tags was needed to avoid problems with falsely duplicate tracks.
  • We fixed a weird behaviour when the "Use Music Location?" question is answered "Yes" on the first run.
  • We now have worked around the QtWebkit ↔ GStreamer bug that caused frequent crashes on track start; this happened if the Wikipedia applet tried to load a page containing an audio tag.
  • The database is now also created if the home directory contains non-ASCII characters.
  • The Nepomuk Collection now also shows track numbers.
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