New Poll on MATE Desktop

Since MATE 1.6 is getting closer to release, i would like to ask for people's opinion about it.

FYI, MATE is a fork of GNOME 2 and initially developed by Clement Lefebvre, creator of LinuxMint because Ubuntu is switching to GNOME 3 and Unity which is not what most users want. Right now, MATE has been included in several Linux distributions, including Slackware (through repository and Salix).

I have been working with Chess Griffin to work on building MATE Desktop 1.6 for Slackware users through MSB project. Right now, the current version of MATE is 1.5 and we will have a final release of 1.6 this April. In their GIT Repository, most of the packages has been bumped and tagged for 1.6.0.

Tell us about your opinion about MATE Desktop on Slackware?

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