MATE SlackBuild Project Update

There has been some changes in the MATE SlackBuild project and here's some recap:
  • MATE SlackBuild now has been mirrored to thanks to Darren Austin. This will be our primary mirror and will be our secondary mirror. You can use this service using several options:
  • We will use for our official email
  • All binary packages are signed using the above email
  • We will implement 'official packages only' policy, meaning no upstream patches will be included UNLESS there's a security vulnerabilities and/or critical bug and it requires immediate attention
  • Several packages has been upgraded to 1.6.1:
    • base/mate-file-manager
    • base/mate-terminal
    • base/mate-window-manager
We hope you enjoy MATE SlackBuilds and let us know if you are having problems using MATE on Slackware Linux. Don't forget to check the documentation files first.

Big thanks to Chess Griffin, Darren Austin, and Stefano Karapetsas

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