MATE 1.6 Released

I have just posted that we are going to have MATE 1.6 this April in yesterday's post and in less than 24 hours, the developer has officially announced it on their website. It's really surprising and also great news for those who have waited so long to get MATE in their desktop.

Today i will update MSB git repo to latest MATE 1.6 source code and perform a full testing alongside with Chess Griffin on our main and test machine and when it's completed, we probably will release binary packages for MATE.

While testing MATE 1.5, we found several issues which are written down on the KNOWN ISSUES. Some of them have been resolved and the rest still need further testing.
One BIG note is about desktop locking in mate-screensaver package. It seems that this feature requires PAM and pam_unix2 packages in order to work. You probably don't like this, but i guess it's unavoidable. I have built the latest PAM package based on Vincent Batt and Patrick Volkerding's SlackBuild script on Current and it's working fine here.

Wait for the good news or start cloning our git repo and run git pull when new releases has been added. Read the README to find more information on how to build packages from the MSB git repo.

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