Linux Stickers at UnixStuff

Are you a proud Linux user? Do you want to express yourself and show your friends and people around you what is your favourite Linux distribution? You can help the Linux community to grow and enhance your notebook by buying unique Linux-themed stickers and key chains on offers key chains and a wide range of stickers of multiple sizes and numerous motives. You can buy a sticker for every single Linux distribution or other Unix-based systems. What's more, they are willing to create new motives just for you - just contact the site owner. At the moment, they offer only one key chain, but it is the best one you can get. Their key chain with Tux, the official mascot of Linux, is a product you can't buy anywhere else!

UnixStuff is a community project. It is all about the community. It is important to spread the word about great Linux community, about users that are willing to help each other and are lucky enough to be able to use one of the best operating systems. That's why the prices are so low. To top it off, they even ship the stickers and key chains anywhere in the world for as little as $2. Not bad.

What a great opportunity to show off your Linux operating system. You can now buy Linux stickers and key chains cheaply and your notebook or computer will be stylish. You will support the community and let everyone know that you are a proud Linux user.  

This is a guest post from Richard Webber

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