First update on April

Pat decided to push some updates on April 1st and some of them are quite interesting in my opinion. One of them is OpenSSH which is now at 6.2p1. This version was released few weeks ago and now we already have it on -Current.

Ghostscript is upgraded to 9.07 and this brings update mentioned on the NEWS page of Ghostscript website. Ghostscript and GhostPDL are now released under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

distcc is upgraded to 3.1, which was released on 2008!!. They are working on distcc 3.2 and the last version was RC1 which was released on October 2011. I think it's a long phase project. Audacious and it's plugin are updated to 3.3.4 and xpdf is patched with Japanese language support

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