Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sudo Security Update and KDE 4.10.1 in -Current

Yesterday, there was a security advisory released for sudo which allows a user to run commands without authenticating after the password timeout has been expired. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE CVE-2013-1775. Pat decided to pull the latest update and include it as one of the update that got released into -Stable and -Current as well.

Meanwhile, more interesting work are coming into -Current and they are syslinux which is now upgraded to 5.01 and KDE which is now upgraded to 4.10.1. You will probably delighted to have a monthly update of KDE 4.10.x branch gets included in -Current so fast. Eric just released his packages to public yesterday and today, Patrick decided to pull it and rebuilt it for -Current users. I think he's happy with the quality of KDE 4.10.1 so that it's considered safe to upgrade this package as well.

I must agree that KDE 4.10.1 is rock solid. Some people in LQ reported that most of the bugs they encountered has been fixed on this release. In my case, i only had problems on my laptop which nepomuk service is crashing all the time. I had upgraded to 4.10.1, but i haven't started the desktop again to test whether upgrading fixed this problem. Hopefully it gets fixed on this update.