Security Update: Ruby

Ruby package has been upgraded in some Slackware versions (13.1 and forward up to -Current) to fix some security vulnerabilities found on JSON and REXML bundle. Slackware still uses Ruby 1.9.x branch even though Ruby 2.0 has been released last month. Vincent Batts has uploaded his Ruby 2.0 packages for Slackware users, but i think Pat wanted to stay away from it for now. Things may change in the future though :)

Some changes has been introduced in -Current. Calligra suite is now upgraded to 2.6.2, the just-released version bringing bug fixes to KDE's office suite. Git is also upgraded to 1.8.2 which was released by Junio last week. Scim is now rebuilt to fix the profile which was still using scim-bridge which is now removed on previous batch of update.

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