Security Fix: libssh

One security update is released for today: libssh. This brings fixes to DoS issue. Only Slackware 14.0 and -Current received this update and no backport to earlier Slackware version.

Shadow package is being patched to work with GLIBC's new behavior of crypt() function and also handling more than 16 supplemental groups.

XPDF and networkmanagement  are now upgraded to the latest version, while partitionmanager is upgraded to latest svn revision. This fixed a shared library problem since parted was upgraded in previous batch and this caused some breakage on partitionmanager.

Thumbler in xfce/ is now reverted back to 0.1.25 since the new version requires newer gstreamer-1.0 which is not yet available on Slackware-Current. It's also patched to fix a bug caused tumbler to hold files open preventing volumes from being ejected.

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