New Kernel and GCC on Current

Another big decision is made by Patrick today. He decided to go with the latest stable kernel: 3.8.4 which is compiled using GCC 4.8.0. This is not yet a final decision as it may change in the future, but for now, let's just enjoy this new shinny kernel :)

List of updated packages:
- Kernel 3.8.4
- GCC 4.8.0
- binutils-
- gmm-4.2
- libffi-3.0.13
- parted-3.1
- popt-1.16
- bind-9.9.2_P2
- dhcp-4.2.5_P1
- imagemagick-6.8.4_1

List of rebuilt packages:
- udisk
- gettext
- gettext-tools
- oprofile
- qt

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