MariaDB included in Slackware, XFCE 4.10.2, Lots of Updates

Pat has released a big update on weekend and this is a cumulative work from lots of people, including Robby Workman, Vincent Batts, and Heinz Wiesinger. Basically it's a lot of version upgrade, but also some new packages arriving and a transition to new package.

Here's some hightlight of the latest update
- Security Update: PHP (upgraded to 5.4.13 )
- MySQL is now replaced with MariaDB
- XFCE upgraded to 4.10.2
- GTK+2 upgraded to 2.24.17
- GTK+3 upgraded to 3.6.4
- Terminal is removed
- Several new applications
  * ati-spi2-atk
  * ati-spi2-core
  * dconf
  * libsecret
- Lots of software updates and rebuilts due to library changes

With those massive changes, it would be easier to build newer applications that requires newer version, mostly that related with GTK+ libraries.

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