KDE 4.10.1 Packages for Slackware-Current

It's March already and as usual, KDE monthly release 4.10.1 is now available for public, bringing bug fixes and translations updates for a stable release of KDE 4.10.x branch. The first maintenance release is focusing on Nepomuk, PIM modules, and KWin even though the bug fixes are scattered on almost every aspect of KDE. See the issue tracker for complete changes.

Eric Hameleers has built the KDE 4.10.1 for Slackware-Current users and uploaded his build in his KTown repository as always. The packages has been mirrored on several places, including my repo server in UKDW. Here are some of primary mirrors for KDE 4.10.1 for Slackware:
You are strongly advised to read the README before attempting to install/upgrade to this version.

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