Boot Problems on Slackware64-Current on VM

This morning, i had some time to upgrade my VM machines used only for testing running Slackware-Current and Slackware64-Current to the latest batch of update which upgrades the kernel and GCC to the latest version. While the Slackware-Current (32 bit) works flawlessly, i had some problems with the Slackware64-Current. It won't boot and stopped at initializing TTM.

I asked Pat about this whether there are reports from other people and he replied no, but he came up with a simple solution. Use vga=normal. So i tried once more and this time, i press TAB on LILO prompt and use Linux vga=normal and it boots fine. Later, when i have logged in, i just change the vga = 773 into vga = normal in /etc/lilo.conf and ran /sbin/lilo -v to make it permanent.

Strange thing is that it didn't happen on my 32 bit Slackware-Current VM. Both are plain Slackware{64}-Current machine i used for testing, so they are not filled with any other packages from third party repositories.

Thanks to Patrick Volkerding for the tips :)

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