KDE 4.10.0 Packages for Slackware

KDE team has released KDE 4.10.0, their latest major release which brings lots of improvements and also bug fixes scattered around the area. There are a lot of shinny things here on KDE 4.10.0 and you can see them all in the Announcement Page.

As always, Eric Hameleers has built the packages long before it's announced in public and i had a chance to be the early tester of KDE 4.10.0 before it goes public. I have upgraded all of my machines into KDE 4.10.0 and i didn't found any major problems with this release. There are some cosmetic bugs that i found, but it can be easily fixed by browsing the KDE Bug Tracker. I think this issue should be fixed in the next monthly release in March.

Anyways, there are some new and removed packages on this release, so please make sure you have followed the steps mentioned in the README. Even if you have removed some packages while using older version of KDE, it's strongly suggested that you perform the upgrade using --reinstall --install-all and then remove the unneeded package later on. This will make sure your system will have the complete KDE sets rather than having a broken system just because you only perform a partial upgrade.

Go get them from these mirrors:
What i liked best on this KDE 4.10.0 is the kscreen application which ease our job to handle multi-monitor configuration. All you have to do is click and perform a minimum configuration tweak and it should work. I have tested them on my office and it's so simple. I hope you liked the new kscreen application.

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