eConnMan for E17

I finally add the last missing piece of E17 components and that is econnman. This is not a mandatory packages as this package only provides UI for connman, a network manager used in E17 DE. Basically, the default connman is enough for daily usage as you only have to click and it will try to connect or prompt for password if you are connected to WiFI.

But, suppose you need more advanced settings, econnman will help you in doing that. So, my quest of bringing econnman started last night, but i couldn't complete it in time as there are some new packages need to be installed first as part of the requirements of econnman, so i decided to download the package first and make the SlackBuild script in the next day (today). Then i went to bed.

After finishing my first class today, i spent some time making a SlackBuild script for all of the requirements of econnman, updating connman to 1.11, rebuilt enlightenment, and also updating the documentation of E17. I have also moved connman to e17 directory as well so it's easier for people to build it.

As the results, i now have an updated E17 packages on my SlackHacks repository which consists of :
- Updated connman to 1.11
- Added new packages in bindings directory. This is Python bindings for E17 needed to install econnman. You don't need to install all of them, but i provide you a complete set of Python bindings available for E17
- Added new package: econnman, UI for connman
- enlightenment rebuilt to remove documentation and linked against newer connman.
- Updated README for a complete build order

Here's a screenshot of econnman in action 

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