E17 Updated

Thanks to Aleksandar Samardzic who have uploaded SlackBuild script for E17 in SBo along with all of it's dependencies. Many people definitely thanked him for doing this, including myself. I got a chance to try this desktop environment and now i have an option besides KDE and XFCE which still being used on my machines.

I used his SlackBuild script and modify it a little bit to upgrade the package to the latest version (0.17.1) which is a maintenance release, so it should be safe to upgrade. E17 itself composed of several supporting libraries, so before attempting to install/upgrade enlightenment, you should make sure you have installed the libraries first.

Besides upgrading to the latest version (1.7.5), i also added three new libraries that aren't available on SBo. They are eeze (library for manipulating devices through udev), ethumb (thumbnail generation library) and emotion (video and audio codec API). I have pushed them to my SlackHacks repository under a new directory called e17.

Have fun with E17 and let me know if there's a problem with the SlackBuild

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