TeamViewer 8 Beta SlackBuild Script

I have just pushed a new SlackBuild script into my SlackHacks repository and that is TeamViewer 8 Beta. I have taken a maintainer position on this script from Binh Nguyen and before the final version of this package gets released, i would like to get a feedback from all of Slackware users who uses TeamViewer to try this new version.

There's one difference with previous version of TeamViewer 7, which is the new version requires you to start teamviewerd, a new daemon for TeamViewer process prior launching the application. I have created a simple rc.teamviewerd file to handle this and it's placed under /etc/rc.d/ directory which happens to be the same directory used by other services in Slackware.

So, the procedure is:
- build the TeamViewer 8 Beta
- chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.teamviewerd (to make sure it's executed on next boot as well)
- /etc/rc.d/rc.teamviewerd start
- launch the shortcut of TeamViewer 8

To make this process repeated on every boot sequence, add this line
in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local:
if [ -x /etc/rc.d/rc.teamviewerd ]; then
/etc/rc.d/rc.teamviewerd start

If nothing goes wrong, you shall see the new TeamViewer 8 Beta in action.

PS: If you are running multiple TeamViewer on different machines and the other machine has been upgraded to TeamViewer 8, you must use this beta version as well or else you won't be able to connect to that machine using the previous version (7).

Please let me know if you are running into trouble using this SlackBuild. FYI, i'm running Slackware-Current on 32 bit machine. I don't have 64 bit machines and i don't think i can help you on those architecture for now. Previous maintainer has stated that TeamViewer 7 can work on multilib setup, but i can't guarantee on this version as i haven't tested yet.

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