KDE 4.9.5 Released

KDE has released KDE 4.9.5, a version which wasn't really planned at the beginning, but eventually it was released due to bugs found later in the QA process and it was too late since KDE 4.9.4 was already announced and the source tarballs has been published. Due to this problem, they agreed to have an extra release to make sure those bugs are squashed away before they release KDE 4.10.

Meanwhile, KDE 4.10 which was supposed to be released this month is also delayed until next week after they found some problems and decided that they needed another RC release before the final version gets shipped. Due to this new RC release, the final version of KDE 4.10 will be delayed for two weeks and that will goes to February.

KDE 4.9.5 packages for Slackware 14.0 (and -Current) has been built by Eric Hameleers and it's now ready to be used by Slackware users. You can grab it through this mirror sites:

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