connman for E17

Thanks to SBo project, i can try the new E17 desktop environment without having to perform trial and error. All i need to do is run sbopkg -i "eina eet evas ecore eio embryo edje efreet e_dbus enlightenment" and it will handle the rest of the process (downloading, compiling, and installing).

Since this is my first time using Enlightenment, i need some time to understand how the DE works since it's kinda different compared to KDE, the DE that i used since years ago. Although it's not as configurable as KDE IMHO (perhaps due to my lack of experience in E17), i noticed that this DE is very light in terms of memory consumption and it's very fast on load time.

I decided to try this DE on my laptop where the spec is not as fast as my desktop or my workstation and it's very fast indeed. One thing that i don't see is the list of the application that are running in the systray, like DropBox or wicd. I can start the application, but then there is no icon to see the notifications. Some icons were missing as well in the menu entries, but that's not a big problem for me as i usually don't access all of those applications.

I noticed that the network manager applet is not working as there's no connman package in SBo, so i decided to try make a SlackBuild for it. I have uploaded the SlackBuild script into my SlackHacks repository and i invited you to test and use the application if you wanted to use the network applet in E17. Let me know if there's something wrong with the SlackBuild or if you have any improvement to the script

Ahh.. one more thing... how do you run application when E17 is started? In KDE, this should go to ~/.kde/Autostart or /etc/xdg/autostart, but i guess it's not working on E17.

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