Bug Fixing Batch

Pat delivered three updates to -Current branch to fix some problems. The first package is udev which is rebuilt to fix the generation of persistent optinal device rules. If you are having this problem, then upgrade to the latest build and delete your /etc/udev/rules/70-persistent-cd.rules and reboot your machine. Your rule will be regenerated along with the correct values. 

The second package is xf86-input-vmmouse which is now working with udev instead of HAL. Does this mean i can finally get rid of HAL from my computer? The only thing that keep me on preserving HAL is due to VMWare is still depends on HAL (IMHO). I tried to remove this in the past, but it will not work, so i keep it until today.

 The last one is gucharmap which is also rebuilt to fix the headef of doinst.sh script peroperly.

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