Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Security Update: Thunderbird and Seamonkey

After Firefox has been upgraded, the sibling package are now upgraded as well. They are Mozilla Thunderbird and also it's ancestor: Seamonkey.

In -Current, Pat also upgraded lcms2 to 2.4. There are still no significant movement in -Current at the moment and it will be most likely the same for next month i think.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Security Update: Mozilla Firefox

Slackware 14.0 was just released some time ago, so it's time for Pat and most of the contributors to rest on working with Slackware, but it doesn't mean that they abandon everything. Pat is still aware of security updates, including the latest update from Mozilla Firefox which is now upgraded to 16.0.2. The package has been released for Slackware 14.0 and also -Current branch, in which they are still the same for now.

When -Current starts again someday, it will shift from -Stable and eventually it *might* break compatibilities with older version of the applications due to toolchain upgrades, which is usually being done at the beginning of the process since the toolchain will be base for building other packages.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seamonkey Update

Following Firefox and Thunderbird releases, Seamonkey update has been released as well in Current and Stable release of Slackware.

For the next few months, don't expect big things to happen in Slackware Current since Patrick and the rest of the team are resting, and probably preparing what should be done for the next cycle of development towards future release of Slackware. Some people are still busy working on updating packages in SBo and making sure it's stable enough before they opened up their submission form again.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Updated LibreOffice Package

Eric Hameleers has debugged his LibreOffice package to find out why did his package still have a problem when saving a document with a password protection in every format while other distribution had no problem report since LibreOffice 3.6.x.

Finally he had a conclusion about this and released an updated package for LibreOffice 3.6.2. The culprit is the way LibreOffice uses their own nss internal library instead of using the nss library available on the system (provided with mozilla-nss package).

As always, the package can be found on these mirror sites:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Firefox and Thunderbird 16.0.1

Firefox and Thunderbird has been upgraded to 16.0.1, the latest version available that also fixed some problem that were notified in just-released Firefox 16.0 few days ago. Both package went to -Current and also -Stable version of Slackware.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Security Update: Bind

ICS has issued a new version of BIND that fixed several security-related vulnerabilities and those packages are included in Slackware's latest update that goes back to Slackware 12.1, the oldest Slackware version still maintained by Patrick  per 1 August 2012.

Besides providing a security update, Patrick also rebuilt iptables package to fix some problem reported long before Slackware 14.0 gets released, but eventually not yet fixed at release time. Now it has been rebuilt to include the fixes.

The last change that only occurred in -Current is that rp-pppoe has been moved from testing/ and now goes into the official package of Slackware-Current.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Update to Slackware 14.0: Firefox 16.0

Firefox 16 has the privilege of being the first update to Slackware 14.0 and it travels back to previous versions (13.37) as well. One good thing about Firefox 16 is that it also support for Opus Codec, which is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec.

Besides new codec support, Firefox 16 should improve the responsiveness of the application in overall thanks to incremental garbage collector that has been improved on every release.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New gtkpod SlackBuild

Some of old iPod users that are also Linux users will be quite disappointed to see that gtkpod SlackBuild has been removed from SlackBuilds since it doesn't build anymore with the same version that was built on Slackware 13.37.

No need to worry about it since i have pushed new SlackBuild scripts that can be used to build latest gtkpod version (2.1.2 at the moment) to my SlackHacks repository. I have spent my time on this Sunday to make, build, test, retest, and verify that the SlackBuild worked on my system and also in clean Slackware 14.0 installation machine. Finally, i'm able to make it work this evening and i would like to share this SlackBuilds to everyone who uses gtkpod.

So, here's the requirement list of gtkpod
  • anjuta (compile time dependency)
    • gdl  (compile time dependency)
    • libgda (compile time dependency)
    • vte3 (compile time dependency)
    • gtksourceview3 (compile time dependency)
    • autogen (run time dependency)
    • vala (optional dependency) 
    • graphviz (optional dependency)
  • Faac (optional dependency)
  • Faad2 (optional dependency)
  • webkit (optional dependency)
  • libmusicbrainz3  (optional dependency) 
Please note that i have vte3 which is vte that is designed to work with GTK+3 instead of GTK+2. This package can be installed alongside with vte that is already available in Slackware default package. DO NOT use upgradepkg on vte3 or you will have a broken Terminal in XFCE!!. They are built with GTK+2, so the original vte package is still required.

Here's the screenshot of the latest gtkpod on my machine

Friday, October 5, 2012

LibreOffice 3.6.2 Released

Just two days after Eric pushed his LibreOffice 3.6.1 packages, a new version of LibreOffice 3.6.2 was released by the upstream developers, thus Eric build a new package for Slackware users. As always, the LibreOffice packages can be obtained from this repositories (some will be updated in the next 24 hours since Eric has just finished uploading it to his master site and his own repository):

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LibreOffice 3.6.1 for Slackware

LibreOffice 3.6.1 has been released some time ago, but there were no Slackware package for this application, not until Eric published his build for this package today.

The LibreOffice package was built on top of Slackware 13.37, but it should work on Slackware 14.0 as well. The reason is that because compiling LibreOffice is VERY time consuming. I have tried to build LibreOffice in the past and it was compiling for several days and it ended with a failure :(

This package can be obtained from several repositories:

KDE 4.9.2 Released

KDE team has released a monthly maintenance release (KDE 4.9.2) to public and Eric Hameleers has build packages for Slackware 14.0 on his KTown repository.  He mentioned that these KDE packages are built for Slackware 14.0. Don't try to install them on Slackware 13.37 or you will find many problems due to changes happening during Slackware 14.0 development. If you are still in Slackware 13.37, you could build KDE 4.9.2 using Eric's SlackBuild script or use this chance to upgrade to Slackware 14.0 instead.

As always, KDE 4.9.2 can be found on these repositories:
Another good news is that Eric is now working on LibreOffice 3.6.1 packages for Slackware. Hope to see those packages coming up soon enough. For now, enjoy KDE 4.9.2.

Big thanks to Eric Hameleers for his work on KDE packages

SBo Opens Slackware 14.0 SlackBuilds

SlackBuilds Project has opened up their collection of SlackBuilds for packages compatible with Slackware 14.0. Robby Workman has pushed this update while i was sleeping after making sure that all files in the their Checklist has been squashed.

Some of the packages that used to work in 13.37 will also work in 14.0, but some will require some minor/major modifications, due to changes in compiler (GCC), libraries, and upstream changes that requires new dependencies. Several packages has been removed on this branch since it's no longer build on Slackware 14.0 or it has been unmaintained by upstream without providing further patch for modern systems.

Here's the public announcement by Robby Workman
Tue Oct  2 18:25:39 UTC 2012
We're running a bit later than usual on getting ready for the new release
  this time, but we think you'll agree that it was worth the wait for us
  to get all (or at least) most of the kinks worked out.  One of the most
  user-visible changes is the new REQUIRES variable in the .info files.
  For a description, see this git commit in our templates repo:
  Also note that the various template files can be viewed and/or downloaded
  via http here:
I'd like to take this time to welcome our newest admin, Matteo Bernardini
  (ponce) to the team and thank him for the huge amount of testing and
  updating of various scripts that he did.  On that note, I should thank
  David Somero (XGizzmo) for once again doing the automated build testing
  (and providing error logs) for this release, and of course all of his
  fixes and updates along the way.  Then there's Heinz Wiesinger (pprkut) for
  the usual fixes and updates, but he's also done a lot of work behind the
  scenes with database updates and our custom admin tools.  I'd be remiss if
  I didn't point out the never-ending job of server maintenance and upkeep
  done by the SBo co-founder, Erik Hanson (erik), and that's on top of the
  usual fixes and updates all over the SBo tree.  Michiel van Wessem (BP{k})
  and Niels Horn (niels_horn) get the same kudos for helping out with all
  of the testing and fixing in the tree, and as much as I hate to talk nicely
  about rob0 (/dev/rob0), he actually deserves some kind words for his work
  on keeping our mail and dns working properly.
All of our users and maintainers deserve proper thanks for our existence, but
  Binh Nguyen and Willy Sudiarto Raharjo really stepped up and helped out with
  lots of testing and fixing and updating needed to get the 14.0 repo ready.
  I'm sure I've left someone out, but please understand that my bad memory is
  in no way a reflection on your contributions.  Thanks to everyone for your
  contributions, regardless of how small or large they may have been.
See the git log  for
  detail changes since 13.37.  Now go forth and Slack!
  --rworkman (on behalf of the entire SBo team)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Replace Lilo Splash with Mayan Slackware 14.0

An interesting treasure are found in Slackware's lilo package, hidden along with other documentation files. It seems that Patrick had included the new Mayan bitmap file into lilo package, but it's not used by default. Thanks to Eric Hameleers who posted in LQ.

Here's how you change your LILO splash screen with Mayan Slackware 14.0:
  • su - (enter root password)
  • cp /usr/doc/lilo-23.2/sample/slack14.0.2012.bmp /boot
  • nano /etc/lilo.conf
  • Change this line
    • bitmap = /boot/slack.bmp
    • into
    • bitmap = /boot/slack14.0.2012.bmp
  • /sbin/lilo -v (make sure no errors)
  • reboot
You will find this nice lilo splash every time you boot your computer :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

VMWare Workstation 8.0.4 and Linux Kernel 3.6.0

I have just compiled Linux Kernel 3.6.0 on my main desktop at home and i can confirm that VMWare Workstation 8.0.4 is still working with the same patch applied. I haven't tested VMWare Workstation 9 for now, since my load is quite high lately and i need some stability on VMWare Workstation for now since i'm using it for my classes.

If you can live with VMWare Workstation 8.0.4, then i would suggest to stay with it for some time until VMWare release another build to fix problems with Linux Kernel 3.5+.