KDE 4.9.4 Released

KDE 4.9.4, probably the last maintenance release for 4.9.x branch has been released by KDE team. They are now still discussing whether they should release 4.9.5 or not, but since it's not yet decided, let's just assume this is the last one.

KDE team are working to get KDE 4.10 released by next year and they have just released KDE 4.10 Beta 2 few days ago. So far, i guess it would be another wonderful experience for KDE users when the final version is out. The changes look promising.

Anyway, Eric has came back from his business trip to India and he has managed to build KDE 4.9.4 for Slackware users. He has uploaded his work on his KTown server and two mirror site (mine and his) are now fully snchronized with the latest update to bring KDE 4.9.4 closer to you. Go get them while it's still fresh from the bakery...

Eric has stated that he is going to wait for RC release of KDE 4.10 before attempting to build a Slackware package. Since KDE 4.10 will be more modular, it requires some additional work to split the packages.

For now, enjoy KDE 4.9.4 from Eric Hameleers

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