GTKPod and Anjuta Makes Way to SBo Repository

Thanks to Matteo Bernardini (Ponce) and XGizzmo, most of my submitted SlackBuild script has been approved (at least on his branch right now) and it will soon enter the SlackBuild repository.

The latest addition was GTKPod and Anjuta (which is the requirements to build GTKPod) and along with it's dependency (vte3, libgda, gtksourceview3, and gdl). My other submission that was partially accepted is Perl-File-Tail, which is the requirement to build Swatch and later on, SSHblock, which is not yet accepted.

My usual package has already been updated such as Wesnoth and FileZilla to their branch and soon it will be part of the next big update on SlackBuilds.

Even now, i'm still amazed on SlackBuilds Project's growth in terms of packages. Since i forked their GIT repository, i basically can monitor every changes on their side and the statistics looks amazing. The admins are really working hard to make sure every pending queue gets processed, even though there might be some packages that must be re-submitted due to some failure or mistake on some of the files. Even though it's only a community project and they don't get paid for doing this job, they are still doing it with passion.

Big thanks to the admins of SBo project and other projects that utilize SBo repository such as sbopkg. They makes working on Slackware easier than ever.

Update (16 December, 6:32 PM) : Swatch is now included on Ponce's branch after some modification made to my submission. Again, big thanks to Ponce

Update (17 December, 6:29 AM) : SSHblock and also atop and netatop has been accepted on Ponce and XGizzmo's branch, so all of my submission has been accepted for now.

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