Anjuta Upgraded to 3.6.x Branch, gtkpod rebuilt

Few days ago i pushed Anjuta 3.4.4 into SlackBuilds and you might wonder, why on earth do i pushed an older version of Anjuta which is no longer maintained? Why didn't i pushed for 3.6.x? The same thing goes with gdl. I pushed 3.6.0 while the latest version was 3.6.2.

Well, the problem was in gtkpod. The main reason why i build Anjuta was because it's a requirement for gtkpod and it seems that gtkpod is not working well with Anjuta 3.6.x. I have tried this before and it failed.

This morning i checked their forum and it seems that they have found a way to bring some patches to make it work with Anjuta 3.6.x branch and also with gdl 3.6.2.

So, i have updated the SlackBuild of gdl and anjuta to the latest version and rebuilt gtkpod in order to work with newer version of gdl and anjuta and they are now in my SlackHacks repository. Those changes has been submitted to SBo project as well, but it will take time before it will be published to the public.

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