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KDE Advanced Multi-Monitor Handling

According to Dan Vrátil and Alex Fiestas, KDE will have an advanced multi-monitor handling that should works without too much intervention. They are now working to collect all possibilities that could happened with multi-monitor environments.

The promising tool will land in KDE soon and if it's implemented, it will have the similar experience like in Windows environments (and probably even less complicated). In short, it will make working with multi-monitor so much easier. I hope that this work can be integrated in the next Slackware release, probably with KDE 5.0 4.10

Here's a video showing the current work

Anjuta Upgraded to 3.6.x Branch, gtkpod rebuilt

Few days ago i pushed Anjuta 3.4.4 into SlackBuilds and you might wonder, why on earth do i pushed an older version of Anjuta which is no longer maintained? Why didn't i pushed for 3.6.x? The same thing goes with gdl. I pushed 3.6.0 while the latest version was 3.6.2.

Well, the problem was in gtkpod. The main reason why i build Anjuta was because it's a requirement for gtkpod and it seems that gtkpod is not working well with Anjuta 3.6.x. I have tried this before and it failed.

This morning i checked their forum and it seems that they have found a way to bring some patches to make it work with Anjuta 3.6.x branch and also with gdl 3.6.2.

So, i have updated the SlackBuild of gdl and anjuta to the latest version and rebuilt gtkpod in order to work with newer version of gdl and anjuta and they are now in my SlackHacks repository. Those changes has been submitted to SBo project as well, but it will take time before it will be published to the public.

Slackware Current Toolchains Upgraded

Patrick is now testing the new toolchain combination that will be used for the next Slackware release. So far, he has come up with Linux Kernel 3.7.1 and GCC 4.7.2, but no decision has been made for glibc because new version remove a basic function, gets(). Pat is still testing it, so he didn't put any public release for now. Some other packages that are related with basic toolchain such as binutils and oprofile are being upgraded as well.

Please note that this is only a preliminary attempt to make a stable and solid base for the next Slackware version, so the final version of those toolchain will likely be different from what you see today, but it's a good start.

At least we know that the current development is now warming up and it will be continued next year

GTKPod and Anjuta Makes Way to SBo Repository

Thanks to Matteo Bernardini (Ponce) and XGizzmo, most of my submitted SlackBuild script has been approved (at least on his branch right now) and it will soon enter the SlackBuild repository.

The latest addition was GTKPod and Anjuta (which is the requirements to build GTKPod) and along with it's dependency (vte3, libgda, gtksourceview3, and gdl). My other submission that was partially accepted is Perl-File-Tail, which is the requirement to build Swatch and later on, SSHblock, which is not yet accepted.

My usual package has already been updated such as Wesnoth and FileZilla to their branch and soon it will be part of the next big update on SlackBuilds.

Even now, i'm still amazed on SlackBuilds Project's growth in terms of packages. Since i forked their GIT repository, i basically can monitor every changes on their side and the statistics looks amazing. The admins are really working hard to make sure every pending queue gets processed, even though there might be some package…

Linux Kernel 3.7, VMWare Workstation and NVidia Driver

I have just built Linux Kernel 3.7 and it's now running on my desktop and also my workstation at the office. On my desktop, i have to make sure that the new Linux Kernel doesn't break with two things: NVidia Driver and VMWare Workstation. Well, it seems that both are simply broken in the Linux Kernel 3.7. BUT, there's a simple solution for both problem.

VMWare Workstation:
run this command:
ln -s /usr/src/linux-3.7/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h /usr/src/linux-3.7/include/linux/version.h
vmware-modconfig --console --install-all

NVidia Driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-304.64:
Download patch
./ --apply-patch patch_nvidia_304_60.run_for_3.7

If you are running the latest NVidia Driver 310.19, you don't need to apply any patches at all. It's already compatible with the latest Linux Kernel 3.7 as long as you make the symlink described in VMWare section above

Here's the output in my desktop:
Linux desktop 3.…

Delay support in mkinitrd

Pat is rebuilding mkinitrd to support two official parameters in kernel configuration: rootdelay and rootfstype. These two parameters will help minimizing the log warning for unsupported features when booting the system, since the kernel will try to probe ext2 and ext3 before attempting to probe ext4 filesystem.

You can add this line into your /etc/lilo.conf to remove the warning during boot time: append = "rootfstype=ext4"

Security Updates: ruby, libssh, libxml2, bind

There are a lot of security updates for this weekend. Ruby, libssh, libxml2, and bind are upgraded to the latest version to fix security problem.

Along with those updates, sqlite is also upgraded since it's a bugfix release and it's safe to do so. It's unusual that Pat took a non security update to Stable release.

LibreOffice 3.6.4 Released

LibreOffice 3.6.4 has been released and this contains bugfixes for bugs that has been found since 3.6.3 gets released last month. Eric has done another great job of maintaining and building LibreOffice package for Slackware users.

The package can be found on several mirror site below:

KDE 4.9.4 Released

KDE 4.9.4, probably the last maintenance release for 4.9.x branch has been released by KDE team. They are now still discussing whether they should release 4.9.5 or not, but since it's not yet decided, let's just assume this is the last one.

KDE team are working to get KDE 4.10 released by next year and they have just released KDE 4.10 Beta 2 few days ago. So far, i guess it would be another wonderful experience for KDE users when the final version is out. The changes look promising.

Anyway, Eric has came back from his business trip to India and he has managed to build KDE 4.9.4 for Slackware users. He has uploaded his work on his KTown server and two mirror site (mine and his) are now fully snchronized with the latest update to bring KDE 4.9.4 closer to you. Go get them while it's still fresh from the bakery...

Eric has stated that he is going to wait for RC release of KDE 4.10 before attempting to build a Slackware package. Since KDE 4.10 will be more modular, it requires…

Bug Fix Releases

Pat has continued to provide bug fix and or security update for all Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey). The latest version is 17.0.1 for Firefox and 2.14.1 for Seamonkey (There are no update for Thunderbird yet).

This update also being backported to Slackware 14.0 and 13.37 because they are close to the -Current version (in fact, 14.0 and -Current hasn't differ that much since there aren't any public activity on toolchain upgrades which usually mark the start of -Current development again).

New Poll

Finally, a new poll has been posted at SlackBlogs after i was having problems with adding poll in the past. It seems that Google/Blogger has fixed it and now it's working again, but i had forgotten about it.

Anyway, since -Current development hasn't started yet, i want to talk about something else and that's about the version of Firefox and or Thunderbird that you use in your daily activities. Kikinovac has posted a similar poll on LQ, but i would like to post it as a poll on SlackBlogs again.

Go vote... :)