FileZilla Released

Tim Kosse has released a minor update to FileZilla to fix some problems with their first major release, 3.6.0 and also to improve some performance.

Based on their ChangeLog:
- Fix problems with TLS cipher selection, including a bugfix for GnuTLS
- Fix a crash on shutdown
- Add log message for servers not using UTF-8
- Small performance and memory optimizations getting file types
- Improve formatting of transfer speeds

Hopefully, this version fixed some problem some people experienced when they are using other FTP client, such as pureftp and proftpd that was compiled with an older version of GnuTLS.

I have updated my SlackBuild in SlackHacks and i have re-submit this update to SBo, but it will take some time before they will be approved by the admins, so for now, you can use the same SlackBuild from my SlackHacks

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