FileZilla 3.6.0 Released

FileZilla, a free, Open Source FTP Client (and Server) application has just released FileZilla 3.6.0. It's been some time since FileZilla released a new version, so it's a worthy update.

Here are the new features found on 3.6.0:
  • Auto-scroll file lists if dragging an item near the top or bottom
  • Add option to create empty files to the remote file list context menu
  • Support legacy servers sending directory listings in EBCDIC
  • Added Tango icon set
  • First-time users now get prompted whether they want to save passwords when first using the quickconnect bar
  • Greatly improve TLS performance by updating to GnuTLS 3.1.x with Nettle backend 
Here are some bug fixes and minor changes found on 3.6.0:
  • FTP proxies now work with IPv6 addresses as proxy address
  • Handle expired TLS sessions when trying to reuse a session
  • TLS session reusing no longer fails with newer GnuTLS versions due to changed semantics of gnutls_session_get_data
  • Directory listings no longer sporadically fail if two connections try to list the same directory in parallel
  • Partially work around a Ubuntu-specific problem with modal dialogs not being modal resulting in crashes
  • Do not show "Remember passwords?" dialog if connecting anonymously
  • Make wording in "Remember passwords?" dialog consistent.
  • Increase default TLS session lifetime
  • When asking for confirmation to delete files, state whether it's local or on the server
  • Fix right-to-left rendering of progress line in the transfer queue
  • Fix a crash introduced since 3.5.3
  • IPv6-only hosts should no longer cause a crash in the network configuration wizard
I maintained FileZilla on SlackBuilds, but it still contains the previous version (3.5.3). I have submitted the updated SlackBuild to the mailing list, but it would take some time to get into the repository, mainly since because the submission is still closed and the admins are still resting from major development of Slackware.

For those who wanted to try FileZilla 3.6.0, i have placed updated SlackBuild on my SlackHacks repository which already been updated to version 3.6.0. Grab it from there and you can build FileZilla 3.6.0 on your machine like i did on my own machine.

Enjoy FileZilla :)

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