New gtkpod SlackBuild

Some of old iPod users that are also Linux users will be quite disappointed to see that gtkpod SlackBuild has been removed from SlackBuilds since it doesn't build anymore with the same version that was built on Slackware 13.37.

No need to worry about it since i have pushed new SlackBuild scripts that can be used to build latest gtkpod version (2.1.2 at the moment) to my SlackHacks repository. I have spent my time on this Sunday to make, build, test, retest, and verify that the SlackBuild worked on my system and also in clean Slackware 14.0 installation machine. Finally, i'm able to make it work this evening and i would like to share this SlackBuilds to everyone who uses gtkpod.

So, here's the requirement list of gtkpod
  • anjuta (compile time dependency)
    • gdl  (compile time dependency)
    • libgda (compile time dependency)
    • vte3 (compile time dependency)
    • gtksourceview3 (compile time dependency)
    • autogen (run time dependency)
    • vala (optional dependency) 
    • graphviz (optional dependency)
  • Faac (optional dependency)
  • Faad2 (optional dependency)
  • webkit (optional dependency)
  • libmusicbrainz3  (optional dependency) 
Please note that i have vte3 which is vte that is designed to work with GTK+3 instead of GTK+2. This package can be installed alongside with vte that is already available in Slackware default package. DO NOT use upgradepkg on vte3 or you will have a broken Terminal in XFCE!!. They are built with GTK+2, so the original vte package is still required.

Here's the screenshot of the latest gtkpod on my machine

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