KDE 4.9.2 Released

KDE team has released a monthly maintenance release (KDE 4.9.2) to public and Eric Hameleers has build packages for Slackware 14.0 on his KTown repository.  He mentioned that these KDE packages are built for Slackware 14.0. Don't try to install them on Slackware 13.37 or you will find many problems due to changes happening during Slackware 14.0 development. If you are still in Slackware 13.37, you could build KDE 4.9.2 using Eric's SlackBuild script or use this chance to upgrade to Slackware 14.0 instead.

As always, KDE 4.9.2 can be found on these repositories:
Another good news is that Eric is now working on LibreOffice 3.6.1 packages for Slackware. Hope to see those packages coming up soon enough. For now, enjoy KDE 4.9.2.

Big thanks to Eric Hameleers for his work on KDE packages

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