Upstream Packages in SlackHacks Deleted

I have pushed an update this morning to my SlackHacks to remove upstream packages that are already being included in (soon) Slackware 14.0. The purpose of this step is to remove duplication among packages and also user confusion. I would prefer that people will use upstream packages as it's the supported packages.

In the near future, when all the changes in SlackBuilds project has been updated for the (soon) Slackware 14.0, i will intend to do the same with it. All of my packages that are also submitted to SBo with the same version will be removed from my SlackHacks as well. The reason is the same: to remove duplication and avoid confusion between my packages and SBo.

So, will my SlackHacks be empty? No, of course not. It still contains some packages i maintained outside SBo project. As packages gets updated and before SBo update it's version, i will start pushing new updates to my SlackHacks again. It will be based on -Current version of Slackware.

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