Script to check maintained packages in SlackBuilds

I maintained several packages in SlackBuilds project, but sometimes i forgot which packages that i maintained because perhaps i might no longer use it or the application hasn't got any upstream update for some time.

So, i created a simple bash script to see what packages does someone maintain in SlackBuilds project. I have pushed this script into my SlackHacks just in case someone is interested to use this (perhaps one of the maintainer in SlackBuilds project). All you need to do is change the SBOPATH and MAINTAINER to set it to the correct path and name of the maintainer. Give it execute permission (chmod +x) and run the script.

Suggestion are welcome and please send it to the email address listed in the script or via comment on this post.

Update (20 September 2012): Thanks to Benjamin, the script is now blazingly fast and shorter, but still produce the same output that i wanted to.

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