New Packages Added in SlackHacks: sysprof

I have pushed a new application on my SlackHacks repository and this newly package is sysprof, a statistical, system-wide performance profiler for Linux. For those who are not used with the term profiler, here's some basic definitions from Wikipedia:
A system profiler is a program that can provide detailed information about the software installed and hardware attached to a computer.
What it does is it tries to scan all processes that are running in your computer and does some statistics calculation to finally show the results of your system's performance.

It has some features:
  • Detailed, accurate, and fast profiling of the entire Linux system, including the kernel and all userspace applications
  • No recompiling necessary
  • Load and Save> profiles
  • Fast, no-nonsense graphical user interface
  • Command line tool included
This application doesn't require a lot of dependency. It just requires glade, which i think has been provided in Slackware for a long time.

Here's an example of a screenshot of sysprof running from the official website

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