More X test driver packages in testing

Pat has released several minor updates to 14.0 development tree along with some new X test driver packages in testing/ directory. Since the final release is getting closer, Pat is so picky about packages that should be included. He wanted to make sure that every new packages are only serve to bring bug fixes, not regressions.

Here's the latest changes in 14.0:
  • e2fsprogs upgraded to 1.42.6 (bugfix release)
  • sysvinit-scripts rebuilt to add more condition test for wicd
  • gamin rebuilt to fix deadlock and library finding issues
  • mozilla-nss rebuilt to add libcrmf.a library in order to compile xulrunner
  • new packages in testing being added: latest xf86-video-ati and xf86-video-intel. This requires newer libdrm in testing/ to be installed as well
  • Kernel configs has been updated. CONFIG_GFS2_FS from y->m

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