More Adjustment Towards Slackware 14.0

There are some new changes in the Slackware-Current, but it's not that big so Pat wouldn't call for another RC. This adjustment brings some important fixes, including:
  • Old libraries in aaa_elflibs are now gone due to the rebuilt
  • Fix possible data loss in sort output by upgrading coreutils
  • Fixed eject -T
  • Fixed root $path in /etc/
  • Fixed matching bug in grep
  • Fixed sed substitution on mkinitrd
  • Patched type mismatch in pygobject
  • Upgraded gnutls to fix some important fixes
  • Some conf files are now handled properly for netatalk package
  • Changes in the image to add some line in /etc/fstab
The new full installation will typically use 7.3 GB of space.

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