Alsa Major Upgrade

Pat decided to take new Alsa package to Slackware 14.0 and he has removed alsaconf which is no longer working with kmod. He also takes Seamonkey 2.12.1 because it's a bug fix release, the same as previous Firefox and Thunderbird.

Meanwhile, the bug fixing cycle hasn't stopped yet. More patches are being deployed on -Current, such as:
  • sysvinit-scripts: make sure return from runlevel 1 before restarting udev
  • udev: do not autosuspend for some HID devices that could cause some devices become non-responsive in Linux Kernel 3.5+
  • gdk-pixbufs2: fix output on multilib systems
  • scim: built with --with-gtk-version=2 to fix problems with scim-setup

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