Slackware 14.0 RC3 Announced

The probably final RC before Slackware 14.0 shipped has been announced. Most bug fixes and requests that has been sent to Patrick has been included on this release, notably the /etc/os-release from Ruario to ease him detecting OS being used by the reporter, a new default group in adduser, rtc_cmos module unloaded at boot time, generated ISO images do not conform to ECMA199 standard, updated mirror list for upcoming Slackware 14.0, XOrg's build parameter has been updated to include "Slackware 14.0 Slackware Linux Project" string, and many others.

Some packages gets an upgrade, such as Linux Kernel 3.2.28, Apache 2.4.3, e2fsprogs, mc, powertop, sqlite, gdb, nasm, perl, dhcp, netatalk, php, samba, and gnuplot. Most of them are now at the latest version.

Overall, most bug reports (old and new) has been fixed on this round of update. Please test once again to make sure Slackware 14.0 is fit enough to be released to public.

For those who are trying to use a newer kernel, Pat has noted that he might be adding config for Linux Kernel 3.4.x series in the next batch of update, even though it's not used by default due to problems with clocksource which is not yet fixed upstream.

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