Slackware 14.0 RC1 Announced

Patrick Volkerding received a tremendous bug reports after announcing Slackware 14.0 Beta and he compiled all those bug reports and fixed them in private along with the Core Team. When he sees it ready for public, it's time to release thus Slackware 14 RC1 has been announced.

Slackware 14 RC1 contains most of the fixes that has been proposed or suggested by users, mostly in LQ forum as you can see the credit in the ChangeLog. It also upgraded to the latest stable Linux Kernel 3.2.26 and KDE 4.8.5 along with some GTK+ related libraries.

Networking areas also being given high priority on this update as some of the packages are being rebuilt to fix some issues, namely ModemManager, network-scripts, openssl, wireless-tools, and wicd.

Lastly, the minimalist WM also has been rebuilt to fix compatibility issues with new D-Bus service.

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