KDE 4.9 Released, Packages are Ready

KDE Team has released the arrival of KDE 4.9, their flagship product towards KDE 5 which will be released next year. KDE 4.9 has many improvements in many areas, but notably in Plasma Workspaces, Applications, and in the Platform.

As the packagers gets early access to the KDE source tarballs, they can make packages quickly, and sometimes they released it just few minutes after the official announcement. The same situation happened on Slackware, where Eric Hameleers, one of the Slackware Core Team is also a KDE packagers for Slackware Linux. He has built KDE 4.9 for Slackware-Current users and upload it on his KTown repository.

You can get the packages from the repository below:
There are some notes:
  • Compared to KDE 4.8.4, there were two package removals:
    • kdemultimedia has been split up into several smaller individual packages.
    • ksecrets has been removed completely in the 4.9.x series.
  • The packages should be installed on Slackware 14 Beta 1 or newer due to exiv2 update and many other basic toolchains and libraries that are no longer compatible with Slackware 13.37 or previous version.
Please also note the directory structure changes that happened on Eric's repository.
As you may have noticed when inspecting the above URLs, I have re-arranged my “ktown” repository. People were confused about what version would work with Slackware -current and what would work for 13.37. Also, some people have asked for sources of older releases for which I no longer host the packages.
I moved all the sources out of the package trees, you will now find a “source” directory right at the top level of the repository. Below that will be the sources of all package sets which I currently have in my repository (KDE 4.6.5, 4.7.4, 4.8.4 and 4.9.0, including all the dependencies you may want for compiling it on Slackware 13.37). The packages will be available below a toplevel directory equal to the Slackware version they were compiled for (at the moment those are “13.37” and “current“). Below that you will find the actual KDE versions and further down, the 32-bit and 64-bit packages.

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