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Testing Cups 1.6rc1

This morning, i upgraded my cups package to cups 1.6rc1 which i have posted yesterday. This is part of my personal testing for cups 1.6. I performed the upgrade on my old laptop which i installed Slackware-Current few days ago. This is not my primary laptop, so i can use it for my testing ground for something quite experimental.

I compiled and installed cups 1.6rc1, cups-filters, and updated foomatic-filters which i have just pushed to the cups1.6 branch on my SlackHacks. Since this is a first time installation, i have to start cups daemon first. I logged in into web interface of CUPS by accessing http://localhost:631 and configured my printer as usual. I'm using Canon Pixma 1880 printer, so i need to install cnijfilter-common-3.00 and cnijfilter-ip1800 packages which i already have. These two packages are needed to supply the PPD and also pstocanonij filter to my printer. In short time, the printer is detected without any problem. So far so good.

Next, i'm trying to activate beh, a wrapper for CUPS backends with configurable error handling. This is part of the foomatic-filters package and used  to fine-tuning how a CUPS queue should behave on failure of its backend. First, i ran lpstat -v and i got
device for CanonIP1800: usb://Canon/iP1800%20series?serial=B0026E

Next, i activate beh by using
lpadmin -p CanonIP1800 -E -v beh:/1/0/60/usb://Canon/iP1800%20series?serial=B0026E
It's that easy!!

Next is to try to perform basic operations. I started with printing the default test page from CUPS web interface and it worked well. The content of the test page has been changed if you install the cups-filters package and it gives verbose information about your printer. It's way much better than the default CUPS test page format. 

Since everything is OK, i perform the same process into my main desktop and it worked as well.

One note about my cups 1.6 package is that i increase the priority of pstops so that PDF-based way is preffered than other method. If you don't need this behaviour, please edit cups.SlackBuild and comment this line
sed -i -r -e '/\spstops$/ { s/66/100/ }' $PKG/usr/share/cups/mime/mime.convs

Any suggestions for this packages? Let me know

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