Slackware 14.0 in Beta

Patrick has sounded Beta in Slackware 14.0, which is an important milestone for Slackware 14.0 development cycle before he goes for RC. What's so interesting in this cycle? Well, there's a big news that probably some of Slackware users has been waiting for: XFCE 4.10 gets included!!!!

First, aaa_elflibs are being recompiled to fix missing libz, udev upgraded to 182 and fixed the device renaming problem, Slackpkg has been rebuilt to know about new XFCE, a lot of GNOME-related libraries gets added, PHP upgraded to 5.4.5, and lastly, XFCE 4.10 gets included and it has it's own directory called xfce instead of going into xap directory because Robby decided to go with the modular package instead of using the single fat tarball. Having a modular packages is a good practice because we can upgrade spesific package without having to download the whole package. It's a good practice in maintainability

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