Security Update: libexif, Seamonkey, Firefox, Thunderbird

Slackware has announced several security advisories related to libexif, Seamonkey, Firefox, and Thunderbird for different Slackware versions. libexif package traveled back to Slackware 12.2, while the Mozilla products only reached Slackware 13.37. They are upgraded to 14.0.1 and 2.11 respectively.

Meanwhile, in -Current there has been some progress with stabilizing packages. A lot of packages are now being rebuilt to handle compatibilities with the new glib2 package as well to support compressed kernel modules in mkinitrd, removal of wv, HAL and HAL-info package.

For those who are using VMWare, i believe that HAL is still needed to run VMWare, so i guess it's good not to remove HAL for now. I once deleted HAL and VMWare doesn't work anymore since then. But let me know if the situation has changed overtime. For now, i'm letting HAL stayed on my system.

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